People behind solar learning

project management



"The energy leapfrog in Africa is possible"


"Education in solar technology is key to ensure people’s energy independence"



"People in Chitondo are ready for a change"


electrical engineering: LED - light and charger


sustainable lighting solutions:


community based project partner in Chitondo


non profit organisation and food processing:


governmental support from Mozambiquen authority


renewable energy in Mozambique:

project team: coordination and management


sustainable energy solutions:


Join, collaborate and bring in new ideas


To realize the first demonstration school in Chitondo more partners and supporters are needed. Any support from professional expertise to financial donations is appreciated. The success of solar learning depends on a structured cooperation between motivated experts from different fields. Especially public awareness and media coverage are drivers for scalability.

  • Educational material to teach solar technology (solar power, DC-electricity and batteries)
  • Social media and communication design
  • University advice for technical and educational guidance or social impact assessment
  • NGO advice for technical guidance and scale up assistance
  • Governmental support from the Mozambique state

Are you related to one of those topics?


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