demo project in Chitondo village


Now, welcome to Chitondo, this is the situation at the chitondo primary school.



The school is about a 6 hour drive north from the capital city Maputo.

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We hope to realize a demo project of solar learning to be copied in other communities. Let us make benefits of solar power available to people with limited energy access. The main focus is on educating local communities, while creating opportunities and empower future generations. Rural off-grid areas all around the world have potential for decentralized, renewable powered energy solutions. We deeply hope that solar learning plays a part in this development.


For us it is essential to use regional production capacities and industries. We believe in the creative power of local people and enterprises, therefore production and sourcing of components should stay in the country. Our support focuses on knowledge transfer, material donations and financial aid.


Pervious projects in Chitondo


Fund raising for a new solar driven groundwater pump in Mozambique:


Eugenio and Michel realized the refubishment of the drinking water supply in Chitondo.

Have a look at our project page for details.

Here are some impressions from the project.