A bright future for children in Africa


We want to improve school quality for children in rural areas off-grid. Our main goals are educational training, local empowerment and better energy supply for regions with no electrical grid. Meet future solar technicians in Africa.

future solar technicians

idea of solar learning

Rural areas with no electricity grid suffer under cost intensive basic energy services, like lighting and mobile phone charging. From this starting point solar learning wants to deliver energy services and education about solar energy. We want to increase opportunities for future generations while delivering basic energy services for households. Have a look how this could work.




School children get an LED-light


  • LED-light is financed by supporters
  • LED-light has a battery
  • mobile phone chargeing via built-in USB-port





School facility gets a solar system with photovoltaic panels

  • Cables bring solar power to a room with charge controller, buffer battery and charging equipment
  • Charge controller and buffer battery are in lockable box underground




Charger has many plugs to connect LED-lights for charging





Look at a school day with solar learning for schoolgirl Kianga.




In the morning Kianga arrives at school and gives her LED-light to a teacher for charging.





During the day Kianga learns about solar power, dc-electricity and battery technology. Her LED-light is charged during that time.


collecting energy



When leaving school Kianga takes her light back home.


bright nights



In the night Kianga and her family have one more light to study, cook or play.


After a school education with solar learning Kianga can be the next solar technician in her village!

Graphic design / drawings: Clara Nothdurft

Logo design: Pilar Benitez Caballero