Empowering children in Africa



Solar learning aims at improving school quality for children especially in rural off-grid areas. The main goals are educational training, local empowerment and better energy supply.

We believe in the creative power of local people and enterprises. Therefore production and sourcing of components for our

projects are meant to stay as regional as possible. Our support focuses on knowledge transfer and donations to allow  projects to start. We take care that our projects are designed in a way that after a starting phase, communities can organize themselves for a successful implementation and sustainability in the long run.

Idea of solar learning

Rural areas with no electricity grid suffer under cost intensive basic energy services, like lighting and mobile phone charging. Solar learning wants to support communities so that they benefit of a sustainable energy production and education about solar energy. The idea is to increase opportunities for future generations while delivering basic energy services for households. Here is how it could work:




School children get an LED-light

  • LED-light has a battery
  • mobile phone charging via built-in USB-port
  • also: the light is openable and reparable!





School facility gets a solar system with photovoltaic panels

  • Cables bring solar power to a room with charge controller, buffer battery and charging equipment
  • Charge controller and buffer battery are in lockable box underground




Charger has many plugs to connect LED-lights for charging


Schoolgirl Kianga's schoolday


  • In the morning Kianga arrives at school and gives her LED-light to a teacher for charging.
  • During the day, Kianga learns about solar power, dc-technology and battery systems.
  • When leaving school Kianga takes her light back home.
  • In the night Kianga and her family have one more light to study, cook or play.

when Kianga is grown up, she MAY be the next solar technician in her village.

Graphic design / drawings: Clara Nothdurft

Logo design: Pilar Benitez Caballero